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Dude Kills it everytime.   What else do you need me to say here?…..   just listen


I am not joking when I say this.   Nathan’s  annual hot dog eating contest has become my favorite part of 4th of July.  I love the excitement, the humor, and the chants of USA for Joey Chestnut.  This year they show some respect to the ladies and give them their own competition.  Lets be honest, the black widow (pictured above) is NASTY but she isnt going to beat Chestnut anytime soon.   So hopefully she will be able to get her own yellow belt this year.   Story Here   Also I hope Kobayashi goes nuts again this year and gets arrested.

Childish Gambino = Donald Glover.         Donald Glover = The Comedian on Community and from Derrick Comedy.


When I heard he was rapping I figured it would be an Andy Samberg type comedy rap type situation thing.    Turns out its more of a lil wayne thing.   I have loved almost every track I have heard from him so far.   Here is his newest one Break (AOTL).  He …reboots(?) Kanye’s All of the Lights

Here is my fav of his right now.   Samples BLOWS UP Adele on this track:  Childish Gambino – Do Ya Like

His Biggest Track Right now: Childish Gambino – Freaks and Geeks

Check his Blog for more

GOLD PANDA came out with a new album last week called COMPANION.   I literally only got through 30 secs of it before I had to  post the first track. As soon as those strings come in I was hooked.  YES nice work you Golden Pandas.   Must be all that bamboo and sleeping.  If you find yourself asking “is it supposed to sound like that” during this,  the answer is HELL YESH!!!

Go Sox

From Big Mike’s Blog:

Thought I was gone?    nope.

Damn this album is good.  Jesca Hoop – Murder of Birds ft. Guy Garvey off the album Hunting My Dress.   Felt bad for not sharing it.   Here is a taste.

I’ll be back more this winter.

By the way here is the Album cut of that VMA track from Kanye West.  Have a Toast ft. The Clipse.   (how awesome were those jackets?….Very awesome)

Holy Lord!  I have been doing this blog for many months now and FGWSF is BLOWING UP!!!!   The blog traffic is the highest it’s been (except for the day the internet exploded AKA the day Michael Jackson died).  So if the readers of the blog are up-ing their game, I will up mine too.  After last weeks disgraceful showing of twisted straps and DWS (drinking while suspending) I knew I had to lift everyone’s spirits this week with a suspender professional.  So here he is… BIG ERIC!!! 
Sadly, at the end of the video Eric suffers a major knee injury.  You may have missed the injury unless you are trained in the art of “sexy suspender dance”   It happens at about 0:17.   He will be on the 15 day DL and the will start wearing some belts until he is ready for suspenders again. 

Thanks Eric!!!     Now here is some music to enjoy!  Have a good weekend. 

Vince Guaraldi, best known for writing the music for Charlie Brown, is more than just the Charlie Brown guy (see what I did there?)  Here is a video of his son explaining that and a video of Vince SHOWING that.